When You Know Your WHY

WHY-poster-595Your WHY affects everything – WHY you think the way you think, WHY you talk the way you talk, WHY you act the way you act (both in business and in life) and much, much more.

The WHY is about providing you with clarity that allows passion to manifest and in turn becomes inspiration – the inspiration to improve all aspects of your own life, inspire those around you and make the world a better place.

From early philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Eugene Ionesco to modern-day visionaries like Dr. Frumi Barr and Dr. Gary Sanchez, the quest for understanding and discovery of purpose remains unabated. All of us want to know “What is the plan? Where do I fit in? Why me? Why now? Why does it matter?

With the WHY, we take a decidedly more practical approach. Rather than focus on the philosophy of WHY, we seek to provide you with tools – tools that will help you live a richer and more rewarding life and build a better business – and if, in the process, the universe makes more sense to you, we’ll consider that a bonus.

While the WHY journey may prove challenging at times, we will hold nothing back and will share with you the exact processes and systems that we use for ourselves, our businesses and our loved ones. In the hands of a professional, these tools are flat out transformative for any organization.

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When you know your WHY, everything changes.

  • Edward Biernat

    The WHY movement is very fundamental and very visceral. If we can operate from that place of, “this is really me”, and if we can show up at 100% every day for ourselves, for our families, and for our jobs, that’s gonna really change the world.

    - Edward Biernat
  • Linda Rasch

    I’m here to contribute to a greater cause. This community is amazing. We all share this mission of having this tremendous impact and we are starting an incredible movement

    - Linda Rasch
  • Ron Eccles

    WHY coaching is completely different than anything I’ve seen in 3+ decades in business. It’s like being with Steve Jobs when he first started Apple. It’s like being with Bill Gates when he first started Microsoft. Because of the vision of this company, I had to be involved.

    - Ron Eccles
  • Nina Kamwene

    What gets me most excited about the WHY movement is the difference that we’re going to make to our families, our friends, our companies, and the planet. I’m participating in making our world happy, joyful and wonderful.

    - Nina Kamwene

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